Conferences we spoke...

We emphasized the effect of real Customer Experience on Performance Marketing. Every customer who enjoys the service or product of a company knows its performance towards him/her personally, no matter what the advertisement indicates.

It is important to not only market good services, but also fullfill these promises and measure constantly the service level.

We spoke about the importance of Customer & User Experience while designing a Product.

Every product planning & devolopment stage should involve close feedback loops with existing or potential customer. The target should be to design processes and features as intuitive as possible.

Cisco CXO Forum

We emphasized the importance of measuring the customer behavior & feedback data across the entire customer journey.

Furthermore we reminded the audience that surveys & customer focus groups are very important, in order to understand why neutral customers are only "ok" with our services, do not rate and do not come back.

We reminded all participating 3PLs, logistic provider and E-commerce companies, that customer experience is crucial to win the market.

CX in Logistic covers not only the delivery experience, but influences the price, availability & extra services E-commerce companies can offer to satisfy their customers.

We introduced our client Easy Credit and highlighted the unique customer journey to receive a Cash Loan conveniently & fast in Vietnam based on partnerships with leading Fintech providers.